Gallery-Worthy Gifts


David Hockney, White Porcelain, $13,945

Splash Out: A limited edition, signed lithograph by one of the world’s most expensive living artists is guaranteed gifting gold. In White Porcelain Hockney’s bright, cheerful colors and characteristic gestural marks bring a domestic scene to life, part of his mid-’80s Moving Focus series.

Pablo Picasso, Untitled, $10,995
Limited edition of 100

Pablo Honey: Go full-on Picasso with the gift of a limited edition ceramic piece. When the artist decamped to the South of France in the late ’40s and took up residence in the town of Vallauris, a new era in his prolific creative practice was born. The experimental ceramics he created there using innovative techniques are now highly collectible.

Tron Meyer, Sea Shelf Sculpture, $3,000

Industrial-Strength Gifting: Norwegian artist and architect Tron Meyer’s works are as much about aesthetics as they are about medium and materials. In Sea Shelf Sculpture, drips of metal frozen from the welding process serve as a visible representation of the artist’s process.

Chanel Surfboard, $10,995

Hang $10k: Le surf is up. On your wall that is, with a Chanel by Philippe Barland fiberglass logo surfboard from the nautically themed spring 2003 runway collection. And in case you were wondering, yes, it has a fin.

Alex Katz, Vivien, $20,000
Limited edition of 60

Give Good Face: Alex Katz did Pop Art before there was Pop Art. His signature flattened, highly stylized portraits are instantly recognizable, and highly sought-after. In this limited edition silkscreen, his daughter-in-law Vivien stands in for his classic muse, his wife Ava.